Spud n. a small, hungry mammal, native to Ireland but mostly found in Liverpool. Eats, reads and rambles.


I’m Emma “Spud” Walsh. I eat, I read and I ramble. In an attempt to write more and create a home for the endless stream of photos I take of food, books and adventures, here we are!

So Bon Apetit, Bon Voyage and Happy Reading!

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Writer…

As a writer I know the importance of nailing the opening line. And, as a writer, I know the importance of stealing. So because there is nothing so beautifully daunting as the first, fresh white page of a new notebook I always dodge the pressure and begin with a quote. In much the same vein, I’ve started every new blogging venture with a bit of a bio. So, may I present, a portrait of the artist as a young writer…

Spud. Irish mongrel. Half Dub. Half Tyrone. Adopted Scouser. Five foot two. Size sometimes ten… mostly twelve. Knobbly Knees. Occasional runner. Poor swimmer. Perpetual sniffler. Fuelled by tea. Constant grazer. Slow drinker. Fast talker. Crisp fiend. Comfort eater. When I grow up I’d like to be a writer. Professional reader. Bookworm. Doodler. List-maker. Incessant Instagrammer. Tweeter. Ranter. Feminist. Socialist. Eternal optimist. Occasional cynic. Old romantic. Believes in… something. Bad Catholic. Pacifist. Tree-hugger. Daydream believer. Does like to be beside the seaside. Dog lover. Adventurer. Curiouser and curiouser. Wanderer. Beer player. Tax payer. Reluctant grown up. Still learning. All opinions my own.