January Reads

In the spirit of starting as you mean to go on, I’ve been rattling through the reads this month. It has helped slightly that I’ve had a holiday, a three hour flight to fill and then a week on the sofa under the weather – there was little else to do but read.

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Ask Me by William Stafford

With the new year well and truly in play, I’m still preoccupied with resolutions and idea of fresh starts. I love January, as mentioned earlier this month, because it feels like the only point in the year when time might just stand still. Of course when you’re counting down the days until payday that’s not […]

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December Reads

Some lazy reads over the festive season – it seems appropriate that both books finished this month reflected how I spent the rest of my time, eating and binge watching.

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November Reads

A busy few weeks of flights, hotels and long bus journeys which thankfully means lots of time for reading! And oddly, I’ve just realised, mostly non-fiction.

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Digging by Seamus Heaney

This month I made a trip home for the first time since last Christmas. It is perhaps the longest period I’ve gone without at least a flying visit and although this trip was less than a week, we managed to take in the three places closest to my heart – Dublin, Donegal and Tyrone.

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