December Reads

Some lazy reads over the festive season – it seems appropriate that both books finished this month reflected how I spent the rest of my time, eating and binge watching.

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November Reads

A busy few weeks of flights, hotels and long bus journeys which thankfully means lots of time for reading! And oddly, I’ve just realised, mostly non-fiction.

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Digging by Seamus Heaney

This month I made a trip home for the first time since last Christmas. It is perhaps the longest period I’ve gone without at least a flying visit and although this trip was less than a week, we managed to take in the three places closest to my heart – Dublin, Donegal and Tyrone.

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Barter by Sara Teasdale

As the dark nights set in and the chill descends, it can be hard to keep your chin up. My other half feels the change of seasons very strongly, probably because of his Mediterranean blood which so craves the sun. So in order to stave off a bout of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) getting out […]

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September Reads

Three books stacked up on the Read pile this month… it may seem a very productive month but I must admit it’s been a slight cheat as some of these were started many, many moons ago. Rather pleased to see I’ve unintentionally had a month of women writers though. I’m always conscious of trying to […]

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August Reads

I think, even now, it’s fairly safe to assume that my Goodreads challenge for 2017 is obsolete. I didn’t think 35 books was particularly ambitious given recent years but it has been a bloody busy year. When I was delivering 10 Shared Reading groups a week it was quite easy to rack up an extra three or four books […]

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Bluebird by Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski is an interesting chap. He intrigues me but I gather from friends who have ventured deeper into his smoky, whiskey-soaked world, that I may not particularly like him if I get to know him too well. Which is why I’m inclined to keep my distance for now.

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